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Beaver Pond – Infrared


Natural Arch – Infrared

Storm Approaching the River – Infrared

Midnight Mist

Winter Trees

The Bright Spot

Fifty Shades of Green

Where the Cool Trolls Live


Reflections on the Niska

Looking Down Into the Sky

The View From the Bridge

This was created from 6 separate vertical images that were seamlessly attached side-to side to create one large, high-resolution horizontal image.

Riverside View

Sunset Under the Bridge

The Sunny Spot

Lightning at the Lake

Down to the Waterline

Uphill Climb

Another Inviting Swimming Pool

This home was one of my assignments to shoot this week. I always try to find interesting angles to shoot with swimming pools and this home provided me with nice perspectives.

A Good Spot for a Good Book

I’ve been shooting some senior portrait sessions lately so I’m posting some samples from the sessions here. This young lady is a self-proclaimed bookworm so we worked a few of her poses around that theme.

Art Deco Abstract

This diner in St Augustine was perfect for an exercise in abstraction.

Caution: Wet Floor

I was walking past this night club the other day and I looked through the door and saw this man scrubbing the floors. The lights reflecting in the floor caught my eye so I asked the man if I could step inside and grab a few shots. He asked me why, so I pointed out the reflections to him. He agreed that they looked pretty cool and told me to go ahead and shoot. It never hurts to ask.


It was raining the other afternoon and I spent some time wandering the wet streets around my studio and shooting for fun. I haven’t made a panoramic format image in a while but this scene called out for it. Click on it to see the big size.