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Washed Ashore

Down by the Seaside

Derelict Boat Hull on the Salt Barrens

Postcard From the Sponge Docks

Fresh Sponges

Reflections on the Niska

Sea Fog

The Fish Market

35mm black and white film. A little patience paid off here. After buying some fresh red snapper and grouper filets here I waited outside with my camera knowing that eventually someone would stand in the right place inside and make a nice silhouette. As a lucky bonus the boat entered the left side of the frame at exactly the same time creating a nice balance with the light colored marina in the background on the right side of the frame.

Postcard From the Shore

It looks like summer is really over now so here is something to remember it by.

Making a Splash

I went out to this ski show over the weekend and photographed some of it just for fun. Since it was just for fun I decided to make it an exercise for myself. I put an old 200mm lens on the camera and practiced tracking focus manually with it. I enjoyed the challenge of trying keep the fast-moving skiers sharp the old-school way with just my eyes and hands instead of with microcomputers and motors.