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Colors and Patterns on an Old Tree Stump


Rough Exterior


The Path of Least Resistance

Tool Time

I was testing a light the other day and the closest thing for me to grab and put in front of the lens at the time was a pair of locking pliers that was on my desk. Turns out I really liked the look of the industrial texture and mechanical fittings on the pliers as subject matter.

Color and Texture

One of the reasons I love spending time in the southwest with a camera is because I love to work with color and texture and these ingredients are found together there in abundance.

Desolate Sunset

I’m finally shooting in New Mexico again and so far it’s been a terrific trip. This is from the first evening out here. After arriving on the plane and getting settled in I took my group out to the Ojito Wilderness for a sunset shoot. I climbed to the top of a very tall clay mound in search of a good vantage point to shoot the sunset and encountered this scene as I approached the summit. Lucky me.

Intricate Mud

I figured I may as well make it 3 in a row for black and white posts here. I was totally fascinated with the details and texture created in this patch of mud by all the assorted tracks of insects and small animals. You wouldn’t believe the swarm of mosquitoes that I had to brave when I stopped to compose this shot though. Click this one to make it bigger and get a better appreciation of the texture.

Hanging in There

Although this was actually rather monochromatic and drab when I photographed it a while back I had a more vibrant presentation in mind. I finally took a few minutes to work on it and realize my pre-visualization.