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The Future is Now

Caught in the Crack

Autumn Sunburst

Happy Little Tree

Sun Kissed

Sunshine in the City

Spanish Moss

In the Snow Covered Hills

Afternoon Sunshine

Fly Away

Light in the Forest

Sunshine and Sequins

Fields of Gold

I am often asked why I have so many 50mm lenses and how do I choose which one to use for a shot. First off they are all old (70′s vintage) and really inexpensive to get. Most importantly they each have a different optical design and therefore they each render a different flavor of lens flare and bokeh from one another. When I shoot a scene in backlighting, (and all my friends know that’s what I love to do every chance I get) I pick my lens based on what I want the flare and bokeh to look like. This is a case in point. The lens I used has a damaged front element and I won’t throw it away because I know it does this when I use it right. You may find it hard to believe but there hasn’t been a single thing done to this image in post processing. This is exactly what was produced in-camera because of my lens choice, the lighting, and the subject matter.

Blue Morning, Blue Day

Albuquerque Afternoon

I love to make artistic use of lens flare in my compositions and the late afternoon sun was willing to go along with me as I roamed the old city plaza.

You’re my Blue Sky, You’re my Sunny Day

Lens flare, saturated colors, repetitive patterns… You know I was totally sucked into this one.