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Wild Butterfly Orchids in the Rain

Slice and Dice Orchid Composition

Brassavola Cucullata Orchid

Wild Butterfly Orchid

Purple Haze

I’m overwhelmed with client work this week as a major magazine deadline is approaching and everyone wants me to shoot something at the last minute to get published. So I’m still not shooting anything for myself. As a matter of fact I’m hardly even getting any sleep because I’m shooting assignments until at least 9:00 pm each night and then driving home and processing files until the wee hours and then I start over again. So here is another random image pulled from my archives that I never got around to posting here in the past.

Flower Power

I was doing some work around the house this weekend and noticed that a couple of the orchids that sit out on the porch were blooming nicely. I decided to take short break from chores and take a few shots. It was nice diversion for a bit of time. I knew if I didn’t make myself take the time while I was thinking about it I probably wouldn’t think about it again until who knows when. My luck, by the time I would remember the flowers would be gone.