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Bee on a Purple Thistle

Solitary Ant

Sand Wasp

Long Tailed Skipper Butterfly

Leaf-Footed Bug

Zebra Longwing Butterfly

Aphid Hiding on Milkweed

Tiny Blue Beetle

A Variety of Damselflies

Beetle in a Thistle

Halloween Pennant Dragonfly

Mantis on a Wild Lily

Fly and Flower

Honey Bee

Tiny Wildflowers, Bug’s-Eye View


White Peacock Butterfly

Buckeye Butterfly

Gulf Fritillary Butterfly

Polyphemus Moth

Critter on My Car

Cicada Exoskeleton

Bah Hum-Bug

Another image that I made the other day while photographing the Christmas cactus blossoms on my front porch. This is high-magnification macro image and it is the full frame as captured by the camera – no cropping. For a scale reference in this photograph the ant was about half the length of a grain of rice. Look at the ants on the flowers in yesterday’s post to see their size in comparison to an entire blossom.

Christmas Cactus

They have all come into bloom on my front porch this past week so I went out there and snapped a few shots in the late afternoon sunlight the other day.