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Sea Oats in the Sea Breeze

Cypress Swamp – Double Exposure

Melt Away

Another one of my experimental motion-blur/panning shots that I made at a recent roller derby bout.

Skate Away

Abstract Skaters

While photographing a roller derby bout I had the idea to experiment with making some motion-blur and abstract images with one of my cameras. This is one of the abstract images that I made at the roller rink on Saturday night.

Where’s the Fire?

As I turned onto 7th Ave walking to my studio the other day this truck flew by through the intersection. I had a 100mm lens on my camera and just managed to swing it up and grab this panning shot. This image is the complete frame, no cropping. It was just a quick, instinctive reaction. I only squeezed off this one shot and admittedly surprised myself by pretty much nailing it. It’s the eye contact with the fireman on the far side of the cab that makes this one work for me.

Paint a Picture of the Forest

Just found this pic while working on a project last night. This a rare photo that I made with an old point and shoot camera that I keep handy in my console for quick shots and fun shots. No, the effect didn’t come from Photoshop. This was from a series of shots that I made by setting a slow shutter on the camera and holding it against the window while driving fast on a winding mountain road.