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Welcoming Them Home

Sermon in the Woods

Strolling in the Park

Tres Amigos

War Weary Veterans

Old Glory

Artillery Fire

I made it a personal challenge to capture a shot with fire coming out of the cannon. Definitely not as easy as it sounds because the fire is only visible for an incredibly small fraction of a second and nailing the timing takes quick reflexes, a fast shutter frame rate, and plenty of luck. It took twenty exposures before I was happy with a capture.

Assemble the Troops

Soldier’s Sweetheart

I had the opportunity recently to photograph a civil war battle reenactment. The reenactors recreate more than just battles, they recreate the way of life of the time. This allows for a lot of interesting photography in the soldier’s and sutler’s encampments prior to and after the actual battles. It’s a terrific insight into what life was like during a tumultuous period of the nation’s history.