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Sail Away

Posting something for mom here today.


Night Mist

Holiday Halo

As you can see from my recent postings I’ve been turning my camera to the night skies a lot recently. Christmas Eve was no exception, I came home from visiting with family and as I walked across my front yard I looked up and saw this wonderful halo around the moon. I have a portfolio of moon halo images that I’ve made over the years and this is another nice one for me to add to my collection.

Silent Night

Carnival Colors

It’s been raining a lot here lately. One nice thing about the rain is the way it makes everything reflective and colorful at night.

Last Shots From the Track

I just wanted to post a few more of my favorite shots from the motocross track before moving on to posting other things.

Moonlight Flight

I have been shooting like mad lately for paying clients and almost not at all for myself. I think Memorial Day was the only day I’ve had off in about 7 weeks. So I’m still mostly just grabbing random old shots out of my computer to post here until that changes. That’s not necessarily a bad thing though because otherwise some shots like this that I actually sort of like might stay buried in my archives and not ever get seen by anyone.

I am Iron Man

Typical New Mexico roadside scenery.

Go With the Flow

Looks like I’m sticking with a water theme here for the time being.

Patient Vulture

Waiting for the mist to clear and the sun to break free from the clouds. The vultures prefer to wait until the sun can create thermal updrafts on which to circle and glide. This helps them conserve energy as they scan the wilderness for food.

Watercolor Sky

I was in a bit of an artistic mood this weekend and this image provided a nice canvas for me to work with. The image was dark and moody with storm clouds to begin with so I simply built upon what was there as I worked with it.

Moony Blues

I was out on a long hike and night descended while I was still some distance from camp. I came upon this scene without a tripod but thankfully the high ISO capability in my primary camera allowed me to get the shot without the need for stabilization.

Dawn’s Early Light

First shot that I took yesterday morning.

Morning Serenity

The deep quiet of the predawn wilderness was very calming as I walked through the mist with my camera in search of  scenes like this.

Lunar Halo

I always seem to have good luck with respect to photographing moon rings when I spend time in the wilderness. This one was visible in varying intensities for about 2 hours one evening. I trekked about in the dark woods with a tripod during that time looking for different perspectives while listening to the owls and coyotes around me.

Florida Prairie Sunset

I just got back from spending some time in the wilderness away from everything including cell phone service, the internet, electricity, plumbing, etc. Nothing but nature and my cameras to amuse myself with. The first evening there I hiked out into a large prairie area at sunset and captured this lovely subdued sky scene before returning to camp.