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Lunch Time

Midnight Rider

Modern Day Icarus

A Royal Visits the Colonies

Another scan of a negative I shot last week with the ancient Mamiya C33.

Eat My Dust

Last Shots From the Track

I just wanted to post a few more of my favorite shots from the motocross track before moving on to posting other things.

Get Close, Get Dirty, Get the Shot

I had the opportunity to shoot at the local motocross track yesterday right after it rained. The mud was flying everywhere and getting in close for shots like this meant getting plastered with it. I had to wash off the cameras and lenses a couple of times during the shoot. Everyone else was using delicate brushes and air blowers to keep their equipment serviceable and they all got a kick out of watching me pour a bottle of drinking water over my cameras and lenses to clean them off.

Midnight Rider

I took some time out one evening last week to just shoot for fun with some other photographers at Dave Cross’ studio. Dave had a motorcycle in one corner that served as fun prop to make some shots with.

7th Avenue

This was shot from the hip as I walked out of the pizza joint the other night. I just pulled the trigger and kept walking. When I got across the street and looked at the shot my first thought was to go back, compose it carefully and re-shoot. That thought died quickly though as I decided that I actually liked the skewed perspective and shallow depth of field.