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Shells on the Shore

Vista in a Window

Elements of Style

Maple Seeds

Cypress Tree in Mid-River – Infrared

The Future is Now

Shimmering Wet Rock

Autumn in the Swamp

Inverted Mushroom

Surface Tension

Have a Coke

Mother Nature’s Mirror – Infrared

Incoming Tide

Tranquil Lake

Blinded by the Light

Reflection Intersection

Last Light of Day

Water’s Edge

Autumn is Approaching

Under the Dome

A Flash in the Dark

Lights in the Sky

This is a time exposure I made recently during a rainstorm of a jetliner on approach with it’s landing lights illuminated.

A Conversation at the Barre

Quite often when I’m shooting one thing I’m on the lookout for anything else that might make a nice photo even it’s not really what I’m supposed to be shooting. I was working on a project with some dancers and I had this corner setup with a nice dramatic lighting arrangement. These dancers were ready to pose for me but I noticed that when they walked up together they fell into a conversation and I liked their relaxed look a lot. I realized right away that I wanted to catch a genuine candid moment in this light just as much as I wanted some nice poses. As I picked up my camera they immediately started to hit a real pose but since I really wanted to get a candid first I told them a little white lie and said I needed to take a couple of test shots to check the lighting. They immediately fell back into their conversation and totally ignored me as I photographed them. I got exactly what I wanted.

Bridge at Twilight