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3, 2, 1, Launch!

Breaking Away

Preparing for Flight


At the End of the Season

My Yard Has Weeds

Sand Spurs, Ouch!

Life Cycle

Seeds in a Cocoon

Spring Seeds

Ready for a Gentle Breeze

Seed Sphere

Maple Seeds

Cell Phone Camera to the Rescue

On a recent occasion when I was out shooting just for myself I was on a mission to simply shoot some black and white images with one of my vintage 35mm film cameras. I was traveling light and it was the only “real” camera I had with me. I sat down on this park bench to take a break and this seed pod laying on the bench next to me caught my eye. I knew right away that I wanted a color photo of the scene and so the camera in my phone saved the day.

Delicate Nature

That’s Just Dandy

Delicate Seeds of Spring