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More Kitchen Pics

Here are some more – though not all of the photos I took in the kitchen of this home last week. The thumbnails below are cropped, click to view the full image.

Another View

Yesterday I posted a view of the pool so I figured today I may as well post an image of the front of the house.

An Evening by the Pool

I haven’t had the opportunity to shoot anything for myself in forever. I am shooting a lot for clients though. I have been going through archives from my guided photo tours lately and looking for images that I never published to post here. Today I am breaking from my norm and posting something I shot this week for a client. Its from a twilight series I did for an ad to be published in the duPont Registry.

Life’s a Beach

I have been posting a lot of personal photos that I have taken at the beach lately but this is a sample of the client work that has been putting me at the beach with my camera in the first place.

Pictured With a Picture Window

I haven’t done any personal shooting in a while, shooting for clients has been keeping me very busy. So for today, I’m posting something I’m working on right now. This is from a series of promotional images for a real estate client that I just shot.

Cover Proof

The only photos I’ve been working on between teaching and speaking engagements the last couple of days are for the featured home for the next issue of Luxury Home magazine. This shot is the current leading candidate for the front cover of the issue.