Be Sharp, Be Soft

One of my favorite creative relaxation activities is to simply wander around with a wide-open 50mm manual focus lens on a camera and look for small details.

The Nightmare Slayer

I went out last night to an event at an art studio and just for fun I threw together this fantasy concept shot.

Castles Made of Sand…

…Fall in the sea, eventually.

Mean Streets

It was raining last night when I walked out of my studio to go home so instead of walking straight to my truck I made a detour through the neighborhood with my camera and grabbed a few shots for myself.

Everyone is a Beggar

Waiting for handouts from the tourists on the pier.

Fake Flowers Floating in a Fountain

Just one of those little scenes that caught my eye while shooting at an event this weekend.

Buildings, Sky, and a Bug’s Eye

I caught this reflection in a Volkswagen Beetle the other day.

Two States of Water

It has been miserably hot lately so I wasn’t shy about getting good and wet in this cool, refreshing fountain the other afternoon in order to create this composition composed of repetitive elements. It’s nice to be able to rely on weatherproof cameras and lenses once in a while.

Livin’ the High Life

Between assignments yesterday I had a few minutes to kill on location and I found this gem.

Time Capsule

I ran across this scene last week while shooting on location for a client and just had to divert from the task at hand for a moment to shoot this for myself.

Something Blue

It’s just a bit of broken glass lying on a storm sewer cover but I am always attracted to shiny, colorful objects when I have a camera handy.

Vanishing Point

Just another shot taken while walking around Ybor City.

Supper Time

Sometimes my sense of humor is pretty lame but I have no shame.

Let There be Lights

As I mentioned yesterday I have been amusing myself the past few days by pulling a few images from my archives with repetitive patterns in them. Here is another one that caught my eye.

Wild Blue Yonder

When I was walking the flight line at the airshow I gave myself an assignment to try not to shoot any “typical” photos of the aircraft there.

Walk Toward the Light

I like to shoot in the streets of Ybor City around my studio. When it rains I especially like to get out and shoot. I have a thing about watching for people walking when I’m doing it and I make it a personal challenge to artistically include them in my compositions.

She Was a Fast Machine…

She kept her motor clean…

Stay Thirsty My Friends

I was waiting for my dinner in a Mexican restaurant the other night, and as usual I had a camera handy. So I amused myself as usual by taking pictures.

Slowly Slipping Into the Sea

I have been in an awful creative slump lately because the allergy meds I’ve been taking for the last several weeks just seem to suck the life out of me. I finally quit taking them 3 days ago and even though I’m suffering from the allergy symptoms again I feel mentally refreshed and the creative juices are starting to flow again. I went out last night with my 3 million candlepower spotlight and used it to light up this abandoned bait shack. I made five shots altogether, 4 with colored gels and one without, then created this composite from the five originals. It feels good to finally do something artistic for a change.

Southern Living

Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to give up modern conveniences and the complications of life that go along with them. What would I do with all the time that I now spend at the computer? Maybe I could just sit in a rocking chair on the porch and contemplate. Maybe that wouldn’t be so bad.

Caution: Wet Floor

I was walking past this night club the other day and I looked through the door and saw this man scrubbing the floors. The lights reflecting in the floor caught my eye so I asked the man if I could step inside and grab a few shots. He asked me why, so I pointed out the reflections to him. He agreed that they looked pretty cool and told me to go ahead and shoot. It never hurts to ask.


It was raining the other afternoon and I spent some time wandering the wet streets around my studio and shooting for fun. I haven’t made a panoramic format image in a while but this scene called out for it. Click on it to see the big size.

Time to Play a New Tune

It’s a new year and it’s time to implement those resolutions, I have a few that I’m serious about.  As for today’s image, it’s a photo of my daughter’s old viola that she played in school when she was a kid. Just for fun I blended in some sheet music to complete the image.

Photo Holiday Card

Holiday greetings from me, my camera, and Photoshop to you