Four Wheel Flyer

Southern Pride


Rural America

Postcard From the Shore

It looks like summer is really over now so here is something to remember it by.

My View of the Supermoon

The big news this weekend was the perigee moon, also referred to as the supermoon. We won’t see one like this again until 2029. Of course I made a couple shots of the moon itself but you know I couldn’t be content with just that. I wasn’t able to travel to any cool locations on Saturday night to shoot the moon so I simply found a few compositions right in my own front yard. Here a few more, click on them to see the full image.

Vanishing Point

Just another shot taken while walking around Ybor City.

Streetcorner Still Life

Now way I was going to just keep walking down the street without stopping to shoot this colorful combination.

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

There is whole host of poisons, cures, and scary medicines on display in the drugstore in St. Augustine.


This sparkling chandelier was in a stairwell that was painted blue and when the blue light of twilight came through the nearby window it was quite a sight.

Color Convergence

I was driving home the other night and as I crossed the railroad tracks by my house I spotted this out my window. I stopped at the red light just over the tracks and grabbed a camera from my bag while waiting for the light to turn green. With camera in hand I circled back around the block to the tracks. As I drove over them again I fired off this shot.

Electromechanical Mashup

There sure is a lot of wiring, plumbing, and hydraulics crammed into this space. This is the inside of the front landing gear bay on a B-52 bomber.