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7th Avenue Sidewalk Stroll – Shot on Film

Reading Material

Too Big…Too Small…Just Right

In a Hurry

On the Shady Side of the Street

Stern Expressions

Sidewalk Scenery

New York, New York – Tampa, Florida


Kicking Back

Neon Sidewalk

A Royal Visits the Colonies

Another scan of a negative I shot last week with the ancient Mamiya C33.

Watchful Wooden Indian

A Walk in the Rain

7th Avenue

This was shot from the hip as I walked out of the pizza joint the other night. I just pulled the trigger and kept walking. When I got across the street and looked at the shot my first thought was to go back, compose it carefully and re-shoot. That thought died quickly though as I decided that I actually liked the skewed perspective and shallow depth of field.

Pedestrian Crossing

I spotted this group of pedestrians crossing on the other side of the intersection from where I was crossing. It goes without saying that I had a camera handy. It was twilight and the colors of the scene were in perfect harmony.