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Up and Down

This is another image that I shot a few weeks ago on 35mm black and white film.

Studebaker and the City

Today’s image is scan of a print I made the other week with my beloved 1974 vintage folding Polaroid SX-70. The forty years of dust that has accumulated inside of the camera (that I refuse to clean for artistic reasons) is what gives these prints their beautiful vintage look.

The Best Camera to Use…

…is any one you can get your hands on when a picture presents itself. In this case – my cell phone.

A Royal Visits the Colonies

Another scan of a negative I shot last week with the ancient Mamiya C33.

A Few of the Locals

A few of the street people that are regulars on the block around my studio sharing a bag of potato chips on the sidewalk. Shot on film with the old Mamiya twin lens camera and then tinted.

Walk in the Rain

Watchful Wooden Indian

A Walk in the Rain

Waiting For My Deviled Crab

One of the nice things about having a studio in the middle of Ybor City is the fact that there is such an incredible variety of places to eat at within walking distance. Carmine’s is famous for their deviled crabs and I grabbed a few there for dinner last night. Of course I amused myself with a camera while waiting for the food.

“Street” Photography

Happy Monday!

Wet Brick Streets

I was doing some product photography in my studio yesterday and when I walked outside to leave I was pleasantly surprised to discover that it was raining. I wound up being quite delayed in getting to my truck because I can never resist shooting in the streets outside my studio when it’s raining. I was soaked through to the skin by the time I was finally ready to drive home but I was happy to have had the chance to do some creative work just for myself for a change.

Where’s the Fire?

As I turned onto 7th Ave walking to my studio the other day this truck flew by through the intersection. I had a 100mm lens on my camera and just managed to swing it up and grab this panning shot. This image is the complete frame, no cropping. It was just a quick, instinctive reaction. I only squeezed off this one shot and admittedly surprised myself by pretty much nailing it. It’s the eye contact with the fireman on the far side of the cab that makes this one work for me.

Mean Streets

It was raining last night when I walked out of my studio to go home so instead of walking straight to my truck I made a detour through the neighborhood with my camera and grabbed a few shots for myself.

Vanishing Point

Just another shot taken while walking around Ybor City.

7th Avenue

This was shot from the hip as I walked out of the pizza joint the other night. I just pulled the trigger and kept walking. When I got across the street and looked at the shot my first thought was to go back, compose it carefully and re-shoot. That thought died quickly though as I decided that I actually liked the skewed perspective and shallow depth of field.

Pedestrian Crossing

I spotted this group of pedestrians crossing on the other side of the intersection from where I was crossing. It goes without saying that I had a camera handy. It was twilight and the colors of the scene were in perfect harmony.