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A Rainy Day a Long Time Ago

Time Warp

1959 Ford Fairlane Galaxie 500 Skyliner Basking in the Sun

Another Time, Another Place



Moody Monochrome

Vintage Style

Studebaker and the City

Today’s image is scan of a print I made the other week with my beloved 1974 vintage folding Polaroid SX-70. The forty years of dust that has accumulated inside of the camera (that I refuse to clean for artistic reasons) is what gives these prints their beautiful vintage look.

Fun With Film

I make my living with state-of-the-art digital cameras but lately I have felt myself missing the experience of shooting on film with my old mechanical cameras. I still have every camera I’ve ever owned and recently I dusted off a couple of them and put them back into service. I have started to shoot again with a select few of my old favorites. Specifically they are a couple of Polaroid bodies, a 35mm SLR and a medium format TLR. This negative is from the medium format body, specifically a 1966 vintage Mamiya C33 Professional Twin Lens Reflex camera. It’s like having a reunion with a long-lost friend.

Old is New Again

I put my ancient Polaroid SX-70 back into service this week with a pack of black and white film. I have been feeling the urge to get creative with some of my old gear and this is where I started. The shutter on the camera lags right now from lack of use and tends to overexpose the images. Additionally the internal mirror has years of dust accumulated on it and I deliberately did not clean it. The combination of the dirty mirror and the inaccurate shutter makes for some very unique images. They come straight out of the camera with a beautiful vintage look that otherwise would take a lot of work to create using a digital camera and software. Here are the very first usable images that I’ve produced with it since pulling it off the shelf along with a look at the camera, a work of art in its own right.