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Thank You for the Tasty Grape

Harvest Time

Wild Florida Blueberries

Fun in my Kitchen With Chocolate Chips

Lunch Counter Line-up

Snack Time

Pork Chop

Seared Tuna

Make it Sweet

Egg White


Sweet Treats

Still Life Photography – With a Little Help From my Friend


Totally Fried

A Stroll on the Midway

Snack Time

Eat and Spin at the Fair

Yes, I Took My Camera to Dinner

And used it at dessert too.

Job Perks

This little setup was part of a shoot I did on Saturday. The nice thing about it was that after I shot it I got to have it for my lunch.

It’s Pizza Time

Another image from my archives. Just one of the countless random shots that I tend to make whenever I’m out and about with a camera at hand.

A Rare Treat

Being the nightowl that I am midnight snacks are a regular part of my epicurean repertoire however breakfast is decidedly not. By the time I typically wake up it’s certainly not being served anywhere.

Food Photography

I taught a food photography workshop this weekend and this was one of the many setups that we put together for students to photograph. I actually didn’t photograph anything until after the class was over so by the time I took this image the burger was about 5 hours old and had been manhandled and rearranged at least a dozen times by the students. Considering its age plus the wear and tear the burger still still looked fairly appetizing by the time I got around to pointing a camera at it.