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One of the Times My Cat Helped Me With a Photo Shoot

The Hunter and the Hunted

Yes, dragonflies will prey on each other. They are indiscriminate eating machines.

Thank You for the Tasty Grape

Harvest Time

Wild Florida Blueberries

Fun in my Kitchen With Chocolate Chips

Lunch Counter Line-up

Snack Time

Pork Chop

Seared Tuna

Make it Sweet

Egg White


Sweet Treats

Still Life Photography – With a Little Help From my Friend


Totally Fried

A Stroll on the Midway

Snack Time

Eat and Spin at the Fair

Yes, I Took My Camera to Dinner

And used it at dessert too.

Job Perks

This little setup was part of a shoot I did on Saturday. The nice thing about it was that after I shot it I got to have it for my lunch.

It’s Pizza Time

Another image from my archives. Just one of the countless random shots that I tend to make whenever I’m out and about with a camera at hand.

A Rare Treat

Being the nightowl that I am midnight snacks are a regular part of my epicurean repertoire however breakfast is decidedly not. By the time I typically wake up it’s certainly not being served anywhere.