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Vanishing Horizon


Coastal Scene

Skirting the Shoreline

Bon Voyage

Making a Splash

Seagull at Low Tide – Infrared

Sunset Splash

Seashells and Swirling Water

All of the Tourists Went Away


The Calm After the Storm

Rocky Shoreline

Secluded Path to the Sea

The Tide Rushes in

Down by the Seaside

The Pensive Pirate

Watching the Tide Roll Away

Uphill Climb

Shiny Shoreline

A bonus effect happens when you get down at a really low angle on wet sand – the sand becomes highly reflective. If it’s wet enough it becomes a virtual mirror.

Tropical Storm

There’s an old saying about bad weather making good photographs. I have always agreed.

Castles Made of Sand…

…Fall in the sea, eventually.