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No Man’s Land

And Then the Well Went Dry

Sulphur Creek

I Want to Sleep With You in the Desert Tonight

Eyes on the Sky

Time is Irrelevant

“Show me your garden and I shall tell you what you are”

The House on the Hill

The Church and the Rock

Old Glass, Dirty Glass


Mountain Lake

Though Their Course May Change Sometime, Rivers Always Reach the Sea

Put Out to Pasture

Distant Lights

This Bartender Really Doesn’t Care About Your Troubles

On the Sunny Side of the Stream

Nightfall in a Back Alley

Aerial Display

Big Chief

Fuji Velvia slide film again – this time I deliberately underexposed by a stop to super-saturate the sky.


More of the Fuji Velvia 35mm film

More Film

I posted images captured on film during my recent workshop in New Mexico all last week. I still have many more nice images on film that I made with the 3 film cameras I was using. (I used 6 cameras altogether on the trip, 3 film and 3 digital) For the time being I am continuing to post more of those images on film. This was made on medium format TMX 400 black and white film.

Lost in Time

My week of posting only images taken on film continues with another 35mm Fuji Velvia slide that I shot a few weeks ago while guiding my photo tour.

The Glass is Way More Than Half Full

Today’s image was taken with medium format Kodak TMAX¬† black and white film.