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Walk in the Rain

Rain on the Road

“Street” Photography

Happy Monday!

Wet Brick Streets

I was doing some product photography in my studio yesterday and when I walked outside to leave I was pleasantly surprised to discover that it was raining. I wound up being quite delayed in getting to my truck because I can never resist shooting in the streets outside my studio when it’s raining. I was soaked through to the skin by the time I was finally ready to drive home but I was happy to have had the chance to do some creative work just for myself for a change.

All the Lights are Turning Red

I was walking downtown and realized that all the lights in this scene were turning red. The line from the Eagle’s song got stuck in my head and I figured I as may as well compose a picture.

If the Shoe Doesn’t Fit…

Then don’t wear it.

Mean Streets

It was raining last night when I walked out of my studio to go home so instead of walking straight to my truck I made a detour through the neighborhood with my camera and grabbed a few shots for myself.


I caught this roller-blade skater moving to the beat as he zipped by me on 7th Avenue the other day.

Red Ride

I was out shooting with some folks from the Tampa Bay Camera Club the other night and as we were about to call it a night and get some burgers I decided to get down on the ground and take one last shot outside the restaurant.

Vanishing Point

Just another shot taken while walking around Ybor City.

7th Avenue

This was shot from the hip as I walked out of the pizza joint the other night. I just pulled the trigger and kept walking. When I got across the street and looked at the shot my first thought was to go back, compose it carefully and re-shoot. That thought died quickly though as I decided that I actually liked the skewed perspective and shallow depth of field.

Walk Toward the Light

I like to shoot in the streets of Ybor City around my studio. When it rains I especially like to get out and shoot. I have a thing about watching for people walking when I’m doing it and I make it a personal challenge to artistically include them in my compositions.

Streetcorner Still Life

Now way I was going to just keep walking down the street without stopping to shoot this colorful combination.


It was raining the other afternoon and I spent some time wandering the wet streets around my studio and shooting for fun. I haven’t made a panoramic format image in a while but this scene called out for it. Click on it to see the big size.