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Dark of Night

Mesa at Midnight

Moonless Night

Moon Setting Beyond the Rock Jetty

Milky Way on a Moonless Night – 30 Second Timelapse

Note: The many random small flashes of light that appear throughout the timelapse are fireflies that happened to occasionally fly through the scene.

Venus Rising (and a few meteors) – 20 Second Timelapse Video


Derelict Boat Hull on the Salt Barrens

Midnight Moon

Evening Sky

The Big Dipper

Andromeda at Midnight

Celestial Objects in the Pre-Dawn Sky

As the sky began to lighten in advance of sunrise I photographed this scene in my front yard the other morning. The bright streak on the left is a Perseid meteor, the streak in the center is a polar orbiting satellite and the hazy spot on the upper right of the frame is the Andromeda galaxy.

Sandstorm Approaching by the Light of the Moon

Orion in the Trees

Midnight in the Woods

Jupiter Above the Forest

Moon Halo on Christmas Eve

Clouds in the Night Sky

Midnight on a Moonless Night

Bulls-Eye in the Night Sky

Ring Around the Moon

Comet Lovejoy

I took a few minutes when I got home late last night to make a couple of photos of the comet from my front yard. The top image was made with a 50mm lens and the bottom with a 100mm lens.

Distant Lights