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Another Time, Another Place

Deep Thoughts

The Bride and Groom on the Bridge

The Last Shot of the Day

I photographed a wedding on Saturday. When the reception was over this was the very last photo I made as the last light of day faded quickly from the sky.

Love in the Limo

I really enjoy making documentary style images like this when given the opportunity. It was especially difficult yet still fun in this case when I wedged myself in the back of the crowded limo as the highly intoxicated wedding party departed the reception. The driver forgot I was in there taking photos and drove away with me still on board.

Tears of Joy

Ive been shooting a few weddings lately and thought I would post something from the most recent one here today for a change of pace. When it comes to weddings I have to admit that I’m not really a fan of the posed shots and I truly prefer to try and capture genuine moments of expression.