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Mountain Lake

On the Sunny Side of the Stream

Harvest Time

I took 3 cameras loaded with various film stock with me when I guided this most recent photo tour in New Mexico. I finally had a chance to get it all developed and scanned so I think I will dedicate this week to shots on film. This image was made on Fuji Velvia (35mm). When I laid out the Velvia slides on the light table it looked like a color bomb had exploded. I honestly had almost forgotten how much saturation and contrast Velvia has. The color hits you like a punch in the face – just right for autumn and fiesta time in the Land of Enchantment.

There’s Gold in Them Thar Hills!

Another scan from an ancient Ektachrome slide.

Autumn in the Rockies

The Long and Winding Road

Going way back in the archives for today’s image. Original exposure shot on Ektachrome slide film 20 years ago.

Late Fall

Around here the seasons can be very confusing, even for the trees. This is the same tree as yesterday’s post, different branch, photographed a few seconds after the other. The tree can’t seem to decide if it’s early spring or late fall right now.

Indian Summer

Paint a Picture of the Forest

Just found this pic while working on a project last night. This a rare photo that I made with an old point and shoot camera that I keep handy in my console for quick shots and fun shots. No, the effect didn’t come from Photoshop. This was from a series of shots that I made by setting a slow shutter on the camera and holding it against the window while driving fast on a winding mountain road.

Underwater Scene

These colorful leaves were lying beneath the water on the bottom of a crystal clear mountain stream.

Outdoor Carpeting

I very much prefer to have this underfoot instead of asphalt or concrete when I’m outside.