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Low Hanging Clouds

Home on the Range

Valley Vista

She’s a Real Bombshell

The scanner I’ve been using for my work on film is pretty crappy so I invested in a decent one yesterday and actually got around to hooking it up at around 2 in the morning. I just wanted to do a quick test so I threw an old slide in it and made this low-res scan just to see that it worked. I think I will be happy with the scanner when I take time to make some high-res scans. This particular image is scanned from an Ektachrome slide I made in 1993. I was hiking in the desert in area that had been a practice bombing range during WWII and came across this dented-up old bombshell lying in the dirt near an extinct volcanic cinder cone. I made the image with a 24mm lens on my ME Super SLR. I just shot some images last week with the same lens on the same camera body. Now, 20 years after this shot was made I will scan some fresh negatives from the same setup and see what they look like. I can’t wait.

Fire in the Sky

This valley inside an ancient volcanic caldera produces some spectacular sunsets but I must say this is one of the better sky shows that I have been treated to there. Click on it to view a larger version.

Rainstorm, Valles Caldera

On Saturday we spent the day slowly working our way up the volcanic mountain stopping to take photos the entire way up. I could see the storm cloud building above the mountain throughout the day and had a secret hope that by late afternoon conditions would be right for a rainbow at the top. I didn’t say anything though because I didn’t want get everyone’s hopes up. Luckily though as we came over the rim and descended into the caldera this was the sight that we encountered. Our timing was fortuitous indeed, the rainbow lasted less than ten minutes and then silently vanished.