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Country Morning


Dawn Mist

Sunrise at 10,000 Feet

Morning Flight Prep

Albuquerque Sunrise

Forward Ho!

A fun shot that I took while on assignment at an equestrian event over the weekend.

Rise and Shine

Just something I shot while driving a while back.

Lockheed Electra

I think I forgot to post this one back when I shot it last month. The plane in the image is a Lockheed Electra, the same model aircraft that Amelia Earhart used in her infamous attempt at trans-global flight. While I was photographing I was told that this is the specific plane that was used in the 2009 documentary film about her life.

In other news, a book that I worked on as photo editor, photo restorer, and contributing photographer, Tampa’s Hyde Park by author Del Acosta was just published on Monday. It is a pictorial history of one of Tampa’s oldest neighborhoods. Available at, bookstores, and museum stores.

Flight Preparations

I was prepping one of the hot air balloons for flight at the Sun N’ Fun Fly In the other morning at dawn. Of course I had a couple of cameras on me as I worked and this was one of the snaps I made as the sun began to rise.

Dawn’s Early Light

First shot that I took yesterday morning.

On the Hunt Again

It’s that time of year again when I go out with this equestrian group and for the better part of the week I run around in the woods and swamps by day looking for shots like this and by night I shoot the parties and a formal ball that they put on. It’s a fun job that I look forward to every year.