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Hillsborough River

Just Another Florida Sunset

Sunset Under the Bridge

It Was a Bad Day to be a Frog

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Uphill Climb

50 Times Around the Sun

Fly Away

As you may know, I do not by any means consider myself to be a bird photography enthusiast. I still manage to pull off a decent shot of one every once in a while though.

Please Don’t Look Away While I’m Taking Your Picture

Shiny Shoreline

A bonus effect happens when you get down at a really low angle on wet sand – the sand becomes highly reflective. If it’s wet enough it becomes a virtual mirror.

Tropical Storm

There’s an old saying about bad weather making good photographs. I have always agreed.


Somehow I have actually managed to fit a bit of creative shooting just for myself into my schedule lately. It’s been nice to have the opportunity to be artistic with the camera again.