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Flower and Seed


Flowers Often Lead to Romance…

Violet Carpenter Bee

Final Landing Approach


Swamp Lily

Colorful Closeup

Colors of Spring

The Beautiful Bane of My Existence

It’s pollen season again and as you can see in this photo that I took in some lovely storm light the other day the trees around here are full of it. I am terribly allergic to oak tree pollen so being in a place like this with a camera is a double-edged sword in my case. It can be beautiful to look at and photograph but it can also make me miserable at the same time.


I had a few minutes of free time at home the other day so I took advantage of it and made a quick trip around my back yard with a macro lens. This hibiscus blossom was one of the highlights of my little excursion.

The Answer is Blowin’ in the Wind

The pollen is blowin’ in the wind as well. I hate this time of year. I am terribly allergic to pollen. I have been taking allergy medication for nearly two months now and simply feel like I am muddling through life in a haze because of it. It’s awfully hard to be creative when it feels as if you are expending all your energy just to keep from falling asleep at the traffic lights.