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Tourist Season

Paradise Cove

Remembering Summer

35mm black and white film. As we enter the winter holiday season and the weather gets cold I thought I would post a reminder of warmer days.

Life’s a Beach

I have been posting a lot of personal photos that I have taken at the beach lately but this is a sample of the client work that has been putting me at the beach with my camera in the first place.


Another crab’s-eye view beach landscape.


low angle is one of my favorite perspectives to incorporate into a composition. Presenting a subject in a very different way than from eye-level helps give it more visual impact.

Castles Made of Sand…

…Fall in the sea, eventually.

Serenity Now

I’m daydreaming about a place where there isn’t any pollen…

Ebb and Flow

As is so often the case, it’s the little things that catch my eye.