SDL Photography Workshops, based in Tampa Florida, are monthly, in-depth, hands-on instructional sessions serving as an inspirational resource for all photographers, from beginners to professionals. Learn from influential instructors, Robert Rostick and Jim Sykes, to inspire your creativity and expand your technical skills.

SDL Photography Workshops offer year-round workshops in digital photography, lighting, image editing with Photoshop and Lightroom, creative vision, business practices, storytelling, printing, portraiture, nature, and landscape photography.

Each workshop is 4-6 hours in length, depending on the topic. Designed with a community feel and ample support and access, all workshops are limited in the number of participants so that you receive a personalized learning experience. This allows SDL to support all levels of participants in their passion for photography. As the title of the workshop implies, you will be presented with topical information, view demonstrations, and then do it yourself with an instructor’s guidance.